‘Exotic’ is derived from the Greek ‘exo’ (outside), and so we have described for ages products from distant regions or continents and that appeal to our imagination. Even if nowadays we can easily bridge continents by plane, the fascination has remained. ‘exochique’ stands for ‘exotic’ and ‘chique’. We bring you stylish, original and quality handmade South African fashion accessories and home decoration items. P.S. ‘Sawubona’ is Zulu for ‘Hello’…

Sawubona’ is Zulu for ‘Hello’

Check out these two exciting NEW ARRIVALS by Rarity Handbags

Ostrich feather tote handbag | Struisvogel pluimen handtas

Rarity launched an exciting new tote handbags collection this year called the ‘Pam‘. The first is made from ‘fluffy’ ostrich feathers, which cover the whole ‘body’ of the bag. For the spring & summer season we chose for the lighter bone or beige colour. For the autumn/winter we’ll come up with a new colour. And then there’s the Pam in springbok skin, a all-time beautiful and gracious antelope. Curious to see which is your favourite!

Springbok tote handtas | handbag | Rarity Handbags
exotic ostrich leather handbag | exotisch struisvogel leder leer handtas

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