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Rarity handbags


Our motto is “Live the South African lifestyle. Diverse, exotic, chic, unique.” And this is where Jaqueline Burge’s Rarity Handbags, with their unique range of products, perfectly fits in. This Woodstock, Cape Town, handbag manufacturer started on the turn of the century, with a local South African farmer looking for a way of creating something special out of skins that they would normally dispose of. Out of this idea of addressing “waste” and adding value, came Rarity’s signature range of springbok handbags. From springbok it went on to ostrich shin leather, whom many saw as another lower product, compared to the much sought after quilted ostrich skins; and later to using the ostrich feathers for handbags, which again was a refreshing approach in stead of using the smaller feathers for clothing purposes.

Rarity is the story of hand-made products, the unusual mixing of using natural materials, artisan training to create sustainable employment. It is about respect for the natural resources, and for artisanship and the people making the unique handbags.

This is why we are so proud to offer you Rarity’s handbags collection, because we want to share their story with you.

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