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Fynbos Pop-Up Hotel


If this does not sound tempting to you … then I don’t know what does … 😉

This new Cape Town Fynbos pop-up hotel, situated on Buitengracht Street, overlooking the City Bowl, is a joint-venture between the Cape Town Fynbos Experience and Coco-Mat Cape Town. The hotel offers just 1 room for two people sharing. A night’s booking begins with a one-hour Fynbos Tasting which starts at 2pm in the historic Company’s Garden prior to check-in.

This one-roomed pop-up ‘hotel’ offers botanical immersion in the Cape’s unique vegetation, awaking the mixologist in one as each fascinating Fynbos experience unfolds. To say nothing of the unique bathing process, we’ll save the surprises, given the water shortage in Cape Town.

And the experience doesn’t end there, you can be assured of a comfy night’s sleep. The multi-layered bed is hand crafted and made with 100% natural materials. A sense of weightlessness is achieved using a base of Eucalyptus slats, while layers of coconut fibre regulate humidity and seaweed aids breathing through the slow release of iodine.. Body-contouring natural rubber, goose down and organic linen complete the perfect sleep.

Make sure to be quick … the pop-up hotel is only open until End August 2018.


Coco-Mat 15 Orange Street, Cape Town Tel. 021-422-1122

Cape Town Fynbos Experience Visitors Centre, Company’s Garden, 19 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town Tel. 066-2255722


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