About us

Exo… what?

Throughout history, mankind has always been fascinated  by exotic objects and even animals. ‘Exotic’ is derived from the Greek ‘exo’ (outside) and refers to the remote, overseas, regions or continents that appealed to everyone’s imagination. This attraction has remained, even if nowadays we can easily bridge continents by plane and if the internet has turned the planet into a global village.

‘exochique’ stands for a combination of ‘exotic’ and ‘chique’. You won’t find our products in the shop around the corner.  You will find in our webshop bags, handbags and accessories made from recycled paper to exotic leather and ostrich feathers. Women, men and youngsters will all find something for their taste. And then there are also lovely items for your interior. Piece by piece authentic, original, stylish, quality and sustainable products handmade in South Africa. Consciously we did not choose for mass-made products. So you could say that with ‘chique’ comes also ‘unique’.

And why South Africa?

At the origin lies an admiration for a new generation of entrepreneurs, who focus on the well-being and development of their artisans. And with their sparkling dynamism, enthusiasm and social commitment they build a new future for their country.

We hope that with ‘exochique’ you can bring a piece of this sparkling dynamism of the beautiful ‘Rainbow Nation’ into your life.

‘We’ in short

‘exochique’ is a start-up online store that is run by Nicolas who’s assisted by his wife and co-owner Gerdje. She’s from Tienen, famous for it’s sugar, and he’s from Oostende, a gem at the Belgian coast. Together we found our hapiness in Tongeren, the first city in Belgium, with its rich Roman history and renowned for the biggest antiques’ market in the Benelux.

Please mail us at shop@exochique.com for any enquiries, suggestions or comments. We will gladly respond to your requests.

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