Klein Karoo International

Ostrich leather processing at Klein Karoo has advanced tremendously since ostrich skins were first processed in Oudtshoorn (Western Cape, South Africa) in 1970. Since 1945 Klein Karoo has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about ostriches. Technological advancements and on-going research have enabled Klein Karoo to produce the very best exotic leather from farm-reared ostriches exclusively. Today, our leather is the choice of the most discerning buyers from around the world.

Klein Karoo represents more than 800 farmer members and is the biggest supplier of ostrich leather in the world. The Leather Marketing division is the only ostrich leather manufacturer which offers its products in 37 standard colours in its range of more than 300.

Our leading position in the worldwide ostrich leather industry is testament to our fundamental belief – Klein Karoo is the Hallmark of Quality.

Key Policies:

  • Klein Karoo uses only farm-reared ostriches
  • The quality control is of the highest order and consistent throughout the process of preparing the skins
  • All skins are guaranteed by Klein Karoo to be of premium quality

Klein Karoo International (KKI) (Pty) Ltd Ostrich Leather Marketing Offers:

  • Extraordinary quality in body and leg skin leather;
  • An expanded range of almost 400 colours and shades;
  • Top leather to the top brands in the fashion capitals of the world;
  • A wealth of experience;
  • Technologically advanced processes and systems;
  • World-class equipment and warehouse facilities;
  • Continued research and development to enhance consistent quality;
  • Scientific and sound production practices. The first ostrich skins were processed in August 1970. Since then the state of the art Klein Karoo Tannery at Oudtshoorn made excellent progress.

Today Klein Karoo presents:

  • An ISO 9001 and 14001:2000 certified facility;
  • Top-class, versatile ostrich leather;
  • Highly skilled supervision;
  • Every possible researched technical quality;
  • Achievement and maintenance of the highest quality standards;
  • Top quality for local and export markets;
  • A comprehensive research and development facility.

Klein Karoo Leather is value-added, tanned and colour coded.

Klein Karoo Hallmark of Quality Leather is demanded by manufacturers and designers around the globe for:

  • Fashion garments
  • Fashion accessories
  • Automotive products
  • Furniture products
  • Stationery
  • Interior decoration
  • Gifts
  • Hobbies