The Wren Design

One day Wendren Setzer, founder of The Wren Design, was driving with her car behind a truck that was loaded with cement bags. That’s how she came up with the idea of ​​doing something with unused cement bags and one thing led to another. She started experimenting with making bags made from the cement bags and so she released the PPC Laptop Bag Collection. PPC, or Pretoria Portland Cement, is the market leader for cement in South Africa. The laptop bags from the PPC collection are made from surpluses or misprints.

In addition to the PPC laptop collection, The Wren Design also has other collections with backpacks, crossbody and messenger bags and sleeves for laptops and tablets and organisers made from the same paper that is used for the cement bags, but which stay natural or are printed with the motifs that are designed by The Wren Design.

The products are sprayed with an environmentally friendly, water-repellent layer, so you don’t have to be afraid to expose your bag to the elements of nature. Be seduced by the originality of these 100% South African and handmade products from The Wren Design!