Bangle in ostrich egg shell



“Out of Africa” … in your interior … Once you fall for the charms of these exotic home decoration items, there is no stopping to it! Enjoy this unique wooden, exotic bangle set up in ostrich eggshell. Around your wrist or as a décor item on your dining or coffee table, or china closet. Or as a support for your ostrich egg?

MiClay, in the South African Eastern Cape, makes unique & beautiful items with small pieces of ostrich eggshell. From toasters for your coffee table, to candle holders, animals, bowls or trays.

Ostrich eggshell … It remains something unique … That ostrich eggs are the largest, with an equivalent of 24 to 28 chicken eggs, well, you already knew that. But did you know that our ancestors also used them some 100,000 years ago? It was a source of protein, but in addition, the bowl also served as a palette for their artworks and a way for African hunters to carry water with them. And the eggshell is also perfect for decoration items…

Diameter (outside) +/- 8cm
Diameter (inside) +/- 6.7cm
Width +/- 4cm

Weight approx 60g

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Ostrich egg shell

Made in

South Africa