Black Paper & Cotton Sling Bag



A sling bag that is environmentally friendly, great looking, durable and practical!

This bag is made from recycled paper coated to be water resistant.

So how does The Wren Design make them? This sling bag is made using recycled cement paper, to start. The paper is screen-printed black and fused to fabric to make it strong. This means we can stitch it and the durability is not compromised! Once made up, we spray it with Nano Liquid Glass which is environmentally friendly that makes the bag water resistant becuase it just doesn’t make sense to have a bag you cannot use outside!

Inside the bag there is a single pocket. We have kept it simple because we know that your life is not and lots of pockets just get in the way! The bag is also padded at the bottom to protect your laptop or tablet and closes securely with a press stud.

Features of the Sling Bag:

  • Two layers of black cement paper fused to fabric
  • 100% black cotton webbing straps
  • Adjustable
  • Secure press stud closure
  • Inside pocket
  • Padded base
  • Coated with Nano liquid glass

Additional information


Made in

South Africa


Nanotechnology liquid glass




Metal strap units, Press studs


Cotton fabric, Cotton webbing, Foam, Paper

Size - Height (cm)


Size - Length (cm)


Size - Width (cm)



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