Coin purse (grey)


RARITY ostrich shin leather coin purse


Coin purse made of ostrich shin leather (front) and suede leather (back)


  • The coin purse closes with a metal zip

About Ostrich Shin:

Rarity started experimenting with Ostrich shin in 2010, exploring the then ‘undesirable material’. Found on the shin of the bird, design is limited to the small size of shins available, and this has since become a signature material core to our design.

About 70 percent of South Africa’s 700 ostrich farmers are to be found in the Western Cape, 15 percent in the Eastern Cape with the remainder scattered around the country. The industry directly supports some 20 000 jobs in the farming and processing sectors, and the ostrich business is responsible for tens of thousands more jobs in the fields of tourism, specialist crafts, by-products, transport, feed and veterinary services.

All our Ostrich shins are obtained from legal suppliers and tanned to international specifications as set by the European Union. Azo dyes and Chromium content are regulated, and our tanners have environmental certifications.

Additional information


Made in

South Africa






Ostrich shin leather, Suede leather

Size - Height (cm)

Size - Length (cm)

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