Pam tote handbag (natural springbok)


RARITY springbok tote handbag


The ‘Pam’ is an exciting and elegant tote handbag from Rarity Handbags, which has a version in ostrich feathers and one in springbok. This Pam in natural springbok, is a celebration of South African authenticity and originality.

The natural springbok skin has soft white, light brown and dark chocolate colors. Springbok skin is with short hair, and therefore very soft. It is of a timeless beauty and elegance thanks to the natural color combination white / light brown / chocolate. Springbok has a unique, adventurous, African, colonial, ethnic look.

The back side, handles and inside finish are made out of suede leather, and there is a removable belt in a sporty pattern. This tote closes with a magnet and has on the  inside a large zip pocket and a two pocket so that your smartphone stays within reach.

Rarity Handbags opened one of the first design studios in the trend-setting Woodstock district of Cape Town. The company is run by a very ethical entrepreneur, Jaqueline Burge. Rarity, as the name suggests, brings unique handmade handbags for women who want to make a fashion statement. And this, while combining the local, South African design and the exotic raw materials that South Africa has to offer such as ostrich feathers, leather and springbok.

“Perfect imperfection” is the motto of Rarity Handbags. The company sees the imperfection of their natural resources such as leather, skins and feathers both as a reality of nature and as a quality. For Jaqueline Burge and her team it is all about accepting this imperfection and about perfecting in the finish.

Height 30 cm
Width 40 cm
Depth 14 cm

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Springbok, Suede leather interior



Made in

South Africa