Unique Handbags, our motivation.

Unique handbags made in the spare room of a rented apartment is where our story started at the turn of the century with a South African farmer asking us to create something from the beautiful natural materials that they would typically depose of. To address this wastefulness Rarity developed its first signature springbok range, pioneering this product in the global market.

Unique Handbags, our creation.

We opened one of the first design studios of its kind in the trend-setting Woodstock district of Cape Town, South Africa. The aim- to grow the prominence of the South African design sector globally and increase the social and economic opportunities’ for the marginalised producers and suppliers of our country.

Unique Handbags, our design philosophy.

Our growth and global reach to over 13 countries is a testament to the growing need for consumers to behold individual, beautifully designed hand-made products. Our style reflects the story of our nation and its individuality with the unusual mixing of natural materials to represent this eclectic mix of our diverse society. Our ‘slow fashion’ philosophy, is achieved through our artisan training, the sustainable employment of all our artisans, use of selected natural indigenous materials, and mindfulness of all production processes to support our natural heritage.To complement the conscious consumer of today, we implement and practice the ten guiding principles of Fair Trade