The Wren Design

Wren produces a contemporary range of hand-crafted paper lifestyle accessories. Recycled cement bag paper is fused with fabric for strength, and treated to become water resistant without loosing it’s tactile honesty. This is an innovation that has been highly successful and which has led to a range of over 100 products that combine simplicity of design with eco-friendly manufacturing methods. The result is a range of uniquely eye-catching products: laptop and tablet sleeves, iPad mini covers, laptop bags, backpacks – all out of paper and all 100% South African.

Wren promotes an ethic of fairness, trust and sustainability that has allowed each member of the production team to become a proud entrepreneur in their own right. The team has flourished and achieved their personal growth goals: earning higher wages, owning their own sewing machines and to producing quality products that they can be proud of. The team is highly skilled and produce work of the highest workmanship in close collaboration with Wendren Setzer – the company owner.

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